Welcome to our Main Lake

There is an extensive management plan in place for the future and progression of our main lake. Carp to 28lb feed quite well even in the winter months. But now, with warmer weather approaching multiple catches can be expected even through the day light hours. With the number of islands in the lake they offer refuge for the fish with their overhanging branches and bushes, they are also a feature for anglers to fish to. The Main Lake offers a vast area of open water with a few gravel bars exposed, find one of these and fish on it will increase your chances. Whilst waiting for a bite you can sit back and just take in the scene, lush green bushes and trees, herons, coots and all the usual waterside birds, Buzzard, Kite and other members of the hawk family are regular visitors. There does not seem to be one particular bait that is preferred but pop-ups may give you the edge. Yes! there are crayfish present and perhaps that is why pop-ups are so successful. A piece of good advise is to visit the water through a couple of days prior to fishing it in order to locate feeding fish. The condition of the fish is such that makes it easy for me to say they could be some of the prettiest fish in the valley, their colours and markings make them ideal for the angler's portfolio of worthwhile catches. KLAS offers secure parking, toilets for male and female, the club provides bio- security with club owned landing nets and unhooking mats in an attempt to avoid and such things as KHV and other fish nasties. Members are expected to dip and return the nets and mats to the drying shed after use. Come and join us all anglers are welcome with friendly advise at hand. Members can also go in search for specimen roach that show up from time to time not forgetting the bream shoals and big perch.

Welcome to Kings Langley Angling Society (K.L.A.S)