Match results 10th May 2015 - Southend Farm

15 anglers turned up to fish and the weather was warm and sunny for a very welcome change
With a cross wind blowing down the flying pegs Russell Grimes won the match with 152lb 12oz, Johnny Beaton second with 118lb 14oz both catching on long pole shallow with pellet and Billy Lucas was in third place with 59lb 4oz. Section winners Barry Stonehill, Dave Saunders and Martin Humphrey. A very special mention about resident professional Dougie Thomas who drew the best peg on the lake yet again! With the wind blowing into his face!
He fished very well and weighed in 19lb 12oz and before you ask he did fish the whole 51/2 hours not just one hour. Well done Doug!

Match Results – Lake John – Sunday 17th May 2015

15 members arrived to fish the match. The weather was warm and sunny for a pleasant and welcome change. Billy Lucas won the match off Peg 14 with 81Lb of carp caught close in on pellet. Well done Billy for winning your 1st match. Lee Ripper was 2nd off Peg 1 with 64lb and John Beeton was 3rd from Peg 6 with 57lb 8oz

Section winners were
Keith Twine
Barry (chop) Stonehill
Russell Grimes

Well done to everybody who fished. As for the our resident semi-pro Dougie Thomas he drew the best peg on the lake again! (someone mentioned possible best peg in Essex) and weighed in 33lb (possibly due to the large breakfast that he ploughed through) Well done Doug! 


Match Results - Gaywoods Pool - Sunday 6th Sept 2015

Two ton men this week, namely John (151lbs) and Russell (110lbs). What a day the three top men had. Whilst many of us struggled, they did so well. Smashing day weatherwise after an unseasonal cold start. Good turnout again.
Next Thursday 10th Sept at Gaywoods we are having our third veterans match. All welcome over 60.

Match Results - Gaywoods - Sunday 4th Oct 2015

What a turnout again. Brilliant. Some of us struggled. Probably the time of year, but an enjoyable day was had by all. Must mention Keith’s net of mainly F1s on peg 1, They have come on a treat.
This Sunday 11th Oct we have a club match on Gaywoods. Usual times. Look forward to seeing you all then.

1  D SAUNDERS & B LUCAS                               99-8
2  L WOODHAM & S BRADSHAW                       72-12
3  J OWEN & R CHALKLEY                                  63-10
4  J BEETON & S WALKER                                  62-4
5  C KIDD & K CLEVELAND                                 54-0
6  K LUCAS & D MILLS                                         9-8
7  K TWINE & G WILLMORE                                47-8
8  R WESTLEY & R WELLS                                  32-11
9  B RAWLINGS & D GLENISTER                        31-8
10 T HAZELL & R EVEREST                                 31-0
11 C SHEARMAN & L RIPPER                              30-8
12 D THOMAS & B ATKINS                                   25-8

Match Results - Gaywoods Pool - Sunday 11th Oct 2015

Another great turn out by our members. Over 620lbs total weighed in. John Beaton won the match with good back up weights (three over 50lbs) from Keith, Bill and young Billy. Mick had a 10lb carp and I heard that Ken Smith caught a whopping barbel estimated to weigh over 5 lbs.  Alas for him only 3lb is allowed in our matches. Next Sunday 18th at Lake John against the Phoenix club is already fully booked.

1  J BEETON                                   78-01
2  K CLEVELAND                            57-12
3  B RAWLINGS                              53-0
4  B LUCAS          (SEC)                 50-0
5  R GRIMES       (SEC)                  48-04
6  D GLENISTER (SEC)                  41-0
7  L RIPPER                                    38-04
8  J OWEN                                      33-08
9  C SHEARMAN                            33-0
10 M GILLINGS                              29-12
11 B STONEHILL                           25-12
12 L WOODHAM                            24-0
13 D MILLS                                     21-04
14 R EVEREST                              16-12
15 D THOMAS                               14-04
16 G WILLMORE                           13-0
17 K SMITH                                    12-08
18 T HAZELL                                  12-04
19 B COLLETT                                9-10
20 R CHALKLEY                             9-0

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Match Results

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Sunday 2nd November 2014 - Gaywoods Pool

The heavens opened with heavy rain greeting the start of the match, the weather improved throughout the match turning out not a bad day. 19 keen members lined up for the match. Congratulations in 1st place was Lee Ripper on Peg 25 with a cracking 103lb 6oz catching mainly using banded 4mm pellet and corn on the bottom close ini. 2nd place was Martin Humphrey (In the money again) fishing the method to the island with dead maggot and margins with corn. 3rd place Terry Hazell fishing the feeder with bread. A good day was had by all and glad it was dry when we packed up! A special mention for Dougie Thomas who fished well off Peg 14...although some would say the best peg on the lake, others would say the best peg in Hertfordshire!!!. Well done everyone.

Sunday 16th November 2014 - Gaywoods Pool

The weather could only be described as a dull grey old day, but 19 Members turned up in anticipation - a good turnout. Weights were down, no doubt due to the cooler weather but Bernie Fraser managed the only really good weight of the day, on Peg 26 with a winning weight totalling 78Lb 14oz down the edge mainly using corn. In 2nd place another top man Martin (Foster that is) enjoyed himself with a mixed bag, all on the waggler into the bay on Peg 23 weighing in 43Lb 8oz mainly maggot and later corn. Terry Hazell was 3rd, ledgering bread on Peg 37 with a weight of 30Lb. Mostly an enjoyable day all round.

Sunday 7th December 2014 - Gaywoods Pool

12 club members turned out for the match on Gaywoods, not freezing but bitterly cold with some showers and then the sun came out for an hour or so and then turned cold again. Barry won the match off peg 29 with 36Lb 14oz catching carp on the straight lead with bread discs. Terry 2nd on peg 39 with 28Lb, Ken Smith won his section, Doug drew famous peg 14 yet peg on the lake!. John Beaton won his section sitting on a new box! Full results in the pictures below. Well done all!

Sunday 21st December 2014 - Christmas Match - Gaywoods Pool

26 club members turned out for the annual Christmas match and thanks goes to Alex and Anne for opening up the clubhouse and cooking us rolls to start off the day. We held a raffle before the start of the match that was well supported. The match started at 10am with a little drizzle, the rest of the match was dry but with the wind gusting throughout. The winner was Johnny Owen off Peg 36 fishing long pole to the island, 2nd was Ken Smith on Peg 29 who fished brilliantly on the lead with sweetcorn and pellet and 3rd was Johnny Beaton on peg 13 fishing long to the island with sweetcorn, after the match everybody gathered in the comfort of the clubhouse for the results and the picking up of bottles to kick off Christmas!!

A great turn out for the day, well done everyone and the combined weight of the match being a cracking 409Lb...

1st J.Owen - Peg 36 - 60Lb 10oz

2nd K.Smith - Peg 29 - 43Lb 9oz

3rd J.Beaton - Peg 13 - 42Lb

Section winners

R.Grimes - Peg 16 - 39Lb 10oz

M.Humphrey - Peg 31 - 26Lb 10oz

B.Stonehill - Peg - 34Lb 15oz

R.Wells - Peg 3  - 11Lb 4oz

Many thanks to all that turned out and a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all !!

Sunday 4th January 2015 - Gaywoods Pool

21 members turned up for the match today. The fishing was very slow - but that's winter fishing is all about!! Still some good weights across the lake. It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable when we see the higher numbers turning up for our matches - Thank you and well done to everyone.

1st place goes to M.Foster on Peg 10 with a total weight of 34Lbs 10oz, 2nd on Peg 26 R.Grimes with 26Lb and 3rd on Peg 36 was D.Swainsbury weighing in 22Lb 8oz. Total weigh-in 237 - 6oz.

Section winners, B.Lucas, D.Glenoater, M.Humphrey, B.Frazier

Sunday 18th January 2015 - Gaywoods Pool

A bitterly cold day, this was going to be a tough day!! 24 members turned out for the match, a great turn out again!! The fishing was slow but with few anglers catching early on, on the final whistle at 2.30pm the weigh in commenced and a few of the members beagn to thaw out!!!.

1st place goes to J.Owen on Peg 22 with a total weight of 56Lb 6oz, 2nd on Peg 14 Martin Humphrey 37Lb 4oz and 3rd on Peg 1 was Lee Ripper weighing in 22Lb.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next match on Gaywoods Pool being Sunday 1st February.

Sunday 1st February 2015 - Gaywoods Pool

13 of our brave club members turned up for the first match in February, the weather was bitterly cold with a wind chill also made presentation very difficult on the pole. Jonnie Owen won off Peg 13 with 46Lb of carp caught on corn, Terry Hazel was second off Peg 36 with 36Lb of carp on the lead with bread and corn, Martin Humphrey was third with 14Lb of carp caught on the lead with bread.

Section winners were

Dave Mills

John Beeton

Dougie (professional) Thomas

Well done everyone who turned up, here are a few pictures and full results of the days action. We look forward to seeing you all for our next match on Gaywoods, Sunday 15th February.....

Sunday 15th February 2015 - Gaywoods Pool

16 club members arrived to fish the match. Weather was quite mild then the sun came out eventually with a pleasant afternoon. Our best wishes go out to Dave Swainsbury who isn't very well at the moment and a get well card was signed by all who fished.

The match winner was Martin Foster off Peg 26 with 40Lb 10oz mainly carp caught on the lead. In second place was Terry Hazel with 36Lb 2oz from Peg 13 again carp on the lead. Third was Johnny Beeton with 15Lb 3oz off Peg 8, pole caught carp and silvers. Our section winners were Barry Stonehill, Billy Lucas and Martin Humphrey. Thanks to all that fished, full results and pictures of the day are posted on our Facebook page.

Match Results Sunday 1st March – Gaywoods Pool

A good turnout for the 1st match in March, 15 members lined up for the draw, the weather was pretty good but with a swirling wind.
Terry Hazel won from Peg 29 with 38lb 4oz of carp caught on the lead after not having a bite for the first 2 hours of the match!!
Kurt Lucas came runner up off Peg 25 with 18lb 10oz first time he has framed of late - well done Kurt
Dougie (semipro) came third off Peg 38(flyer) with 12lb 12oz, great stuff.
Well done all

Match Results Sunday 8th March - Gaywoods Pool 

25 club members turned up to fish the match today, what a great turnout! The weather was quite mild and the rain held off which was good. Mick Gillings won the match off peg 37 with 37lb 15oz.mainly carp on the pole. Well done mick!
Kurt Lucas came second off Peg 24 with 33lb 12oz pole caught carp (those lessons are paying dividends Kurt!!) Martin Humphrey came third from peg31 with 32lb 14oz carp on pole with sweet corn in the margins.
Section winners :
Martin Foster

Terry Hazel
Keith (Spit) Cleveland
Bill Rawlings

Special mention about our semi pro Dougie Thomas who drew the flyer yet again and weighed in a respectable 21lb 8oz. Doug is also available to draw your lottery numbers if you find that you need an expert!! Thanks to all that fished

Match results Good Friday 3rd April 2015 – Gaywoods Pool

I would like to thank all those who turned up (24 in number) and made a success of our annual Ken Williams & Tim Irving Charity match in aid of Cancer Research. Lee Ripper won the match with 72Lb, section winners were Terry Hazell, Barry Stonehill, Ken Smith and Russell Grimes. A collection was held with a total of £234 and sent for Cancer Research, thank you all for kind donations a great day for all.
Thanks to the angler who provided the photo’s, a little out of focus…..lets hope you managed to shot your float…thanks for the generous offer to shot my float but I shall have to decline on this occasion…..