Important News - 26th October 2019

​​Good News! - LAKES WILL REOPEN MONDAY 28th OCTOBER 2019 8am for Pleasure Fishing only.

All lab results have come back confirming no nasty diseases or toxins were the cause of the fish deaths. The Environment Agency have indicated a 'Perfect Storm' of events were the cause of the losses we experienced, as none of the contributing factors would account for the number of deaths alone. The committee plan to meet on Thursday 31st Oct to discuss the recommendations in the EA report, at this point we are unable to confirm if the match scheduled for Sunday 3rd November will take place, we will put further updates on our Facebook page and on our website once a decision is taken following the meeting on Thursday 31st October 2019.

Annual General Meeting 2020
​Please join us for our AGM on Friday 14th February at Kings Langley Community Hall, The Nap, Kings Langley WD4 8ET, the meeting will start at 7.00pm, please remember to bring your club membership cards should you be required to produce on request. All proposals must be in writing to the Secretary, Lee Millman or by email or post at Kings Langley Angling Society, Railway Terrace, Kings Langley, WD4 8JE alternatively posted in the letter box outside the club house. All proposals must be seconded and both the proposer and seconder must be present at the AGM for the proposal to be considered. The deadline for the proposals to be submitted is 31st December 2018.

Update Tuesday 24th March - Lakes Closed
With the current Corona Virus also known as Covid-19, in line with Government Guidance we have had to close the Lakes until further notice. The Angling Trust have written to the Sports Minister highlighting the benefits of Angling from a mental health and well-being perspective and the ability to comply with social distancing protocols, so we will be keeping an eye out for any Government information that permits us to re-open.
Until such time with immediate effect our Lakes will remain closed, please stay safe everyone and follow Government advice to stay at home

Update Friday 27th March - Lakes Closed

The Angling Trust has received a response from the Sport Minister In regards to seeking clarification if lakes could remain open on the grounds of mental well being and easy to practise social distancing. 
The reply stated that the guidance should be taken in the spirit it was delivered. Namely, to stay at home, stay safe and to avoid all but essential travel. He reaffirmed that now was not the time to be seeking loopholes and that the prescribed activities were clear, therefore the Lakes wii remain closed unfortunately.

Update Wednesday 18th March 2020 - Corona Virus, COVID-19

After careful consideration the committee has decided to postpone the planned annual work-party’s for the time being. This is not what we want to do as the work will still need to be carried out, but the safety of you the members along with the committee is key. 
I know some of you will ask how this effects the joining later in the year, please bare with us whilst we try and work this out, the current plan is to postpone not cancel. With the government guidelines updated daily we can only work with what we know now.
We will update as and when we can.

K.L.A.S Working Party Dates 2020
It’s almost that time of year to start our working parties – a vital time of year to get some of the jobs completed to help us all enjoy the fishery throughout the year. Our very small team of dedicated volunteers simply cannot keep up with nature and the hiring of professionals to do the work would involve astronomical costs therefore the necessity for vast increases in club membership fees of which we all do not want.

Sunday 22nd March              8.00am - 12.00

​Sunday 29th March               8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 5th April                    8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 12th April                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 19th April                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 26th April                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 3rd May                    8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 10th May                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 17th May                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 24th May                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 31st May                  8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 7th June                   8.00am - 12.00

Sunday 14th June                 8.00am  - 12.00       Locks changed, membership for 2019 lapses.

Do not forget to bring your membership card for recording your working party dates.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation​

On the 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.

Privacy Notice
The club is the data controller for the purposes of GDPR.  Any query relating to the above should be addressed to Lee Millman - Club Secretary or Denise Royal - Membership Secretary.

Purposes of processing the data
We process personal data necessary to administer our membership records and provide services and benefits to members as a recreational angling society.

Categories of personal data processed
Names and addresses, age, photographs, medical conditions and e-mail.   The only special category of data we collect relates to disability.

Data subject’s rights
Members at any point may request:-

      # The right to see their personal data and the right to be provided with a copy free of charge.

      # The right to erasure of their personal data.

      # Where consent is being relied on for the processing of the data, a right to withdraw that consent.

      # The right to ask for personal data to be restricted in how it is processed or to cease processing it in a particular way.

Personal data will be stored for 12 months once membership ceases at this point personal data will be destroyed.

Who to contact if there are problems and a reference to the Information Commissioner (e.g. quoting for further information)

K.L.A.S News & Events

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Please remember this website will only be as good as the information you our members can provide. If there are topics that maybe you would like covered please do no hesitate to Contact Us using the button above.

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