Kings Langley Angling Society (KLAS) CONSITUTION AND RULES       V5.3               

Health & Safety Policy

The society endeavours to monitor the activities of the society to provide a safe angling and working environment for its members.

It is also down to the members to undertake some responsibility for their own protection.

The policy will be reviewed annually.

Records of checks will be recorded for reference.

KLAS operates a child welfare and protection policy.

KLAS will work with the community and through angling encourage environmental and ecological awareness.


Liability Insurance
Copy of the current insurance will be displayed on the society’s official notice board/s. In the event of a claim insurers require the society to advise them immediately following an incident giving full details. The claimant must also report the incident to the club Hon. Secretary or elected officer without delay also giving full details.



Alex Hyndman also President, Water Management and Head of Club House.

Denise Royal also Vice President, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

Keith Twine


Elected Officers
President. Alexander Hyndman.

Vice President. Denise Royal.

Chairman. Darren Warburton.

Secretary. Lee Millman.

Vice Chairman. Martin Humphrey.

Water Management. John Larcombe.

Match Secretary. Roger Westley.

Press Officer & IT. Gary Every.


Elected Committee
Adrian Rapp. Water Management, Main Lake.

John Beeton. Stock pond.

Derek Brown. Electrical Maintenance.

Mike Green. Water Management, General.

Tony Spicer. Water Management, General.

Alan Nichols. Water Management, General.


Match Organizer. Dave Mills.

Terry Hazell. Match organizer.

Guest tickets available from.

Dave Mills. (At the lake).

Joan & Colin Bushnell. 11 Railway Terrace (opposite lake) (phone first on 07708 130820

Alex Hyndman. (At the Lake).

Old Town Angling. High Street, Hemel Hempstead.

The Tackle Shack. Queens Square, Adeyfield.


Useful links
Society website; or Facebook

Affiliated to and members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal, Canal and River Trust, Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative (formerly CVAC).

1. Name of society shall be “Kings Langley Angling Society” thereafter referred to as KLAS or The Society.

1a. Committee to consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Minimum number of committee members shall be 8 (eight). Minimum of 4 (four) officers and 4 (four) committee members shall be present to form a quorum.

1b. Business of the society will be conducted by the elected committee at the AGM.

1c. Committee are empowered to co-opt a member/person who is known to have specialist knowledge of an issue.

1d. Members to declare any interest that may compromise KLAS.

1e. Nominees who are offered for committee status must have been a member of KLAS for a minimum of 1 (one) year.

1f. Committee to offer themselves for re-election every year at the AGM.

1g. The Society recognises complete equality in gender, religion, ethnicity, colour or creed, age or disability.

1h. KLAS aims to bring angling into the local community through its involvement within that community.

1i. To work with other clubs and organisations.

2. It will be at the discretion of the committee to consider any nomination of a member for Honorary Life Membership in recognition of exceptional service to the society past or present.

2a. Honorary Life Membership shall be free of subscription.

3. An auditor shall be appointed annually who will audit the society finances for acceptance at the AGM.

3a. The society’s balance sheets will be made available for the members at the AGM for scrutiny and acceptance as a true and accurate record.

3b. That the clubhouse be used solely for the purpose it was built for namely society office, Junior tutoring, official society meetings, and agreed canteen facilities.

4. There shall be no less than 2 (two) and no more than 4 (four) Trustees of KLAS.

4a. Shall be appointed by the Committee.

4b. Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or by a resolution of the committee.

4c. All documents such as deeds, leases shall be in the charge and control of the trustees who will ensure that they be lodged with KLAS solicitor/s or as committee directs.

4d. Trustees shall be indemnified out of society assets against any risk or expense incurred by them whilst in pursuance of their office. (Unless covered by Liability Insurance through Angling Trust and Fish Legal).

4e. KLAS will retain membership of Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

5. Elected officers of KLAS and members of committee shall not incur any personal liability for any duties carried out correctly in line with and as directed by committee.

5a. All actions and directives to be recorded in committee minutes.

Dissolution of the society
6. If at any time a resolution for the dissolution of KLAS is presented at a Special Meeting and is passed by a majority of 2/3rds or more of members present at such a meeting.  The committee must proceed to realise the property of the society immediately or at such a date specified in the resolution.

6a. After the discharge of all society liabilities, such remaining property be equally divided to each registered member of the society, whereupon the society shall be deemed to be dissolved.

7. The Trustees, Officers and Committee have complete control of all society finances.

7a. Intended expenditure over £250 is to be authorised by the committee. (2015)

Meetings and communications
8. Annual General Meetings (AGM) will be held on a Friday in February of each year unless otherwise stated. A (EGM) may be called at any time under the same terms as the AGM with the exception that only 21days notice minimum shall be required and be representative of at least 10% of the membership at such a meeting.

8a. A Newsletter or entry on the society’s Noticeboards, Face Book and website will be posted as and when information needs to be passed to the membership.

8b. Committee meetings will be held on the first Thursday of every month unless specified otherwise by notification at least 14 days prior to the next meeting.

8c. Committee meetings will start promptly at.7.30 pm as will the AGM.

8d. Agendas for all meetings AGM or Committee shall be made available to all involved at least 2 (two) weeks 14 days prior to that meeting.

8e. No Smoking is allowed at any society meetings held in an enclosed environment.

8f. In order to attend the AGM or other meeting except committee meeting persons must be in possession of current membership. In the event of non production of current membership entry will be at the discretion of an officer.

8g. Members are always welcome to attend a committee meeting to express concerns, worries or points for clarification, providing they give detailed notification in writing 14 days prior to their intended date of attendance, where their issue will be dealt with as first on the agenda. Chairman's decision will be final.

8h. Notices of motion, propositions or nominations must be given in writing to the Hon. Secretary by the 31st of December at the latest, duly signed by both the Proposer and Seconder. (2015).


General Rules
1. Rules shall be binding and strictly observed at all times.

2. Should however a member choose to challenge a rule or interpretation of a rule that member may bring it to the attention of the committee and the chairman shall decide. A member, not being satisfied with the outcome, may give written notice to the Hon. Secretary and have his or her concerns expressed and discussed at a special meeting of the membership, to determine a final solution by a majority.

3. All members are bailiffs and water keepers and are expected to exercise their right to challenge anyone fishing or on society property.

4. Members must be in possession of their membership card whilst on society waters and present it if challenged by another member.

5. Members 12 years and over must hold a current Environment Agency Rod licence and present it when asked by an official agency bailiff. (On production of his or her warrant).

6. Any member who is obstructive, abusive or violent towards an official will be called before a disciplinary committee and may bring any witness he or she requires.

7. Keep all gates locked.

8. No Juniors are allowed on the Main Lake unless accompanied by a senior member or responsible parent or guardian.

9. The culvert is out of bounds to all except for passage. No fishing is allowed.

10. Membership is defined as having 6 (six) sections.  Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Lady, Disabled and Veteran.  Age range as follows Junior 10 -15 years, Intermediate16 -17 years, Senior 18 - 64 years, Lady 18 – 64 years, Disabled (as defined), Veteran 65 + years.

11. All keys are the property of KLAS and must be returned to the Treasurer or Membership Secretary on terminating membership for refund.

12. Membership fees must be paid in full before one commences to fish. Fees to be paid in full from the last working party Sunday in JUNE.  Details of re-joining dates to be posted on the society notice boards, website or newsletter.  Non-payment of subscription fees results in lapsed membership.

13. Changes of address, telephone numbers and emails should be passed onto the Hon. Secretary as soon as possible in order to maintain contact with society activities and to update society records.

14. Committee reserves the right to refuse membership if for good reason.

15. Senior Members may take direct family (example) Sons, Daughters, Grandsons or Granddaughters under the age of 16 as a guest free of charge and fish in an adjacent swim. Mothers and Fathers wishing to fish require to pay the guest ticket fee appropriate at the time.

16. Guest tickets are available from (See leader page for details) charged at the current rate and must be obtained prior to fishing.

16a. Juniors cannot purchase guest tickets and must not bring their friends onto the complex.

17. Guests to fish in an adjacent swim and under the charge of the member.

18. In the event of an offence being committed, such as poaching, the police should be informed by ringing 101 with full details and ask for the wild life officer. Also, notify the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 once again with full details. (e.g; location of incident, number of persons sighted, nature of incident, Post code if known)

19. Guns are not permitted on the society property unless otherwise consented by committee. Area must be indicated by signs stating gun on site or such wording.

20. Radios and other players may not be brought onto the society waters unless they are used through ear phones. This is to include mobile phones and other recognised mobile devices.

21. Dogs are not allowed on any society fishery or surrounding land as it is a nature reserve.

22. Dead wood stands are not to be interfered with.  This also applies to shrubs or trees (without consent from committee).

23. No unauthorised fires to be lit.

24. KLAS operate a strict Bio Security policy.  Only society owned nets and unhooking mats are allowed. On completion of fishing, members must *dip all nets and hang them in the assigned area to dry. (*Other than the canal, where members must use their own nets etc).

25. No fishing on Pass's Pond unless authorised by the committee and by arrangement prior.

26. The Veterans planned matches are for age over 65 years.

With the exception of match results and information put onto the societies official website or Facebook pages, publicity in other publications or media are only permitted when consented by committee/secretary.  Photographs of children, other than family, require consent from a parent or guardian, otherwise it could be adjudged as an offence under Child Protection Act.

Work parties
1. Members will be advised of work party dates by all means available as previously mentioned.

2. Members over the age of 65 years are not required to carry out work parties but are more than welcome to do so.  Members with confirmed medical reasons or taking prescribed medication are excluded from work parties.

3. Work party sessions start on dates as published in newsletters, club website, Facebook an notice boards and finish as advised.

4. Work party programmes will be controlled by Water Management team members.

5. Members intending to carry out work party duties must report to the society office and surrender their membership card for recorded attendance.

6. Working parties are compulsory to retain membership.  Any person wishing to retain membership after failure to complete required working parties will automatically be placed at the bottom of any waiting list that may be in existence at the time and be required to pay the joining fee plus current subscription. (reconfirmed 2015)

Annual Fees (as at 2020)

Junior £25.00

Intermediate £50.00

Senior £70.00

Veteran £50.00

Disabled £50.00

Ladies £45.00

Lost keys will be charged at current rate to replace them.


Action will be taken against a member found to be in breach of society rules.

1. Any member who is adjudged to have brought the society into disrepute through inaccurate or inflammatory comments shall be subject to a disciplinary hearing, which may result in immediate expulsion. No fees paid will be refunded as they are considered to be non-refundable. Keys and membership cards will be surrendered within 14 days of termination.

2. A member so charged may bring any witnesses to the hearing that he or she feels may make a constructive statement in defence.

Closed season
1. The committee reserve the right to close any water for GOOD reason and at any time.

2. Waters are closed during the work party sessions.  No member may fish or occupy bank space during the times of scheduled work parties.

Night Fishing
1. Juniors are NOT allowed to fish the Main Lake during the day or night unless in the company of a responsible adult or senior member but must also fish the same swim.

2. Baited hooks must not be left unattended and out of the water (also applies to day fishing).

3. Maximum number of rods used shall be 3 (three), when on the Main Lake.

4. No night fishing on Gaywoods Pool.

5. Methods of terminal tackle presentation must be compliant with E A Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 and society rules where one hook shall be applied.

6. Anglers rods shall not be more than 6 feet apart and must at no time be left unattended when bait is in the water.

7. Night fishing is not allowed on the canal (society rule).

8. Keep nets may be used at any time whilst fishing the canal. No barbel to be retained.

9. Keep nets shall measure a minimum size of 50cm (fifty) across and 3 (three) metres in length.


Good angling practice
1. All unused bait can be fed into the stock pond if consented to by a committee member. If in doubt take it home, left on the bank it encourages rats.

KLAS has a conservation and fish welfare policy.

2. Without risking life please do your best to retrieve lost terminal tackle and line.

3. Barbed hooks are forbidden on all society waters.

4. It is bad angling practice to use a towel, wet or dry, when handling fish and is therefore banned.

5. If a member intends to take a photograph of a capture, the fish should be held over an unhooking mat and not higher than 1 (one) foot 30cm (thirty) above ground level.

6. Fishing only to take place from recognised fishing stations.

7. The use of peanuts, tiger nuts, black eye peas and beans, kidney beans, butter beans and blood worm are banned on all enclosed KLAS waters.

8. Fish must only be taken by rod and line or pole.

9. No fish to be transferred from one water to another without consent.

10. Only a single hook shall be on one line, with the exception of pike tackle or spinning.

11. Barbless treble hooks are permitted when fishing for pike.

12. Live bait is prohibited on all society enclosed waters.


Gaywoods Pool (special rules apply). As it is an intensively stocked water.
1. Braid line is banned.

2. No floating poles or floating baits hooked or loose fed.

3. Ground bait and Paste is prohibited on all waters.

4. Meat only to be used as a hook bait.

5. Line to be a maximum of 6lb (or metric equivalent) and barbless hooks no larger than size 12.  Any feeder may be used which must be free running and have a hook length not less than 4” (four inches) 102 mm.

6. 1 rod (one) or pole to be used at any one time.

7. Any ledger rig must be free running. The Guru X Safety system is permitted on club waters 

8. Each angler must have his or her own society provided landing net and unhooking mat at the fishing station. Fish to be unhooked either in the landing net or on the unhooking mat.

9. Bivvies, tents and brolley tents are not allowed.

10. No boilies of any sort to be used.

11. Liquidised bread can be cupped in from 1st October to 15th March.

12. The use of Bread is banned from 31st March to 1st October.

13. Keep nets only to be used on society organised matches.

14. Barbel are not to be kept in keep nets and must be released upon unhooking at point of capture.

15. Two (2). keep nets to be used in matches 1 for *carp,1 for silvers. * under a pound to be classed as silvers. A maximum of 50lb will be the net limit after which extra keep nets shall be used.

16. Fishing only to take place from a numbered fishing station.

17. No electrical audible bite indicators unless authorised by committee.

18. Method Feeder is permitted with pellet bait only.



Match Rules.
Additions to society rules.

1. Draw will take place as directed by the match organiser for the day.

2. Each member draws his or her own peg number.

3. Matches will commence at the sound of a horn or whistle, and finish in the same way.

4. Matches will be fished “all in” with the exception of pike, eels, game fish.

5. Plumbing is permitted prior to the start.

6. Any member may assist another to land a fish if requested to do so.

7. All fish to be weighed in at the point of capture, the numbered peg.

8. Litter in a fishing station will be considered to be that of the contestant and may lead to his/her disqualification.

9. Local and regional by-laws apply.

10. Any challenge to the rules or results shall be made on the same day to the organiser and if not resolved be referred to the committee, whose decision will be final.

11. Away matches will be run under the terms and conditions of the owner of the venue.

12. Juniors are permitted to fish society matches but may not take part in pools.


14. Pole rigs must be NO LESS than 8 inches from pole tip to top of float and Not LESS than 12inches from float to hook.

15. Special peg arrangements.  Peg numbers painted Black allows casting access to the island markers. White peg numbers can only cast to the island if the adjacent Black peg swim is vacant.

16. Anglers on pegs 36, 37, 38 will be responsible for weighing in at the end of a match, aided if required by those on pegs 35 and 39.

17. Intermediate members may take part in the pools.

No liability can be accepted by the society for loss or damage to members or their property whilst on KLAS waters.

Equal Opportunities Statement.
Kings Langley Angling Society will make all opportunities and facilities available to all sections of the community.

Rules may be subject to change for good reason.  Members will be notified of such a change through the society’s official website, Facebook, newsletter or notice board.

Acknowledgements to the Committee members and match organisers for their contribution to the revised version of club rules. KLAS 2017.

KLAS Bio- security policy protects our fish and your sport.

BY-LAW (Health & Safety).

Members may not fish or occupy bank space whilst official organised work parties are taking place.​

Our Rules

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